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From: Jim Milton
Date :

Hello and welcome to the "Training Yourself to Ride" affiliate program. I am Jim Milton and I am offering you a profitable partnership through Clickbank.

You can easily make an excellent income by promoting my product which includes the Training Yourself to Ride guide, Video instructions and the huge bonus of rare horse riding books.

The program pays 75% commissions on every sale you refer to my site. This means that for every copy of my product that you sell, you will make a commission of about $25. All tracking and payments are done through a third party, Clickbank.

Expected Monthly Income:

1 Sale a Day = $750 / month
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15 Sales a Day = $11250 / month

Affiliate Program Overview:

I will pay you 75% commission on every sale that comes through your affiliate link. Payment is done 2 times per month and is processed and sent by a third party, Clickbank. There are no restrictions at all to join the affiliate program and it is available worldwide. Just have the will to make money, and you will!

Joining This Affiliate Program:

The join process for my affilate program is very easy. You just need to have a Clickbank ID.
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