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Want to Go Horse Riding? How to Get Started

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Maybe you’ve been wanting to ride horses for a while, and have read various books and blogs about horse riding. How to  start the process of actually doing it is maybe eluding you.

 Here are three options for you to check out.

Riding Camp

This is a great introduction to riding, which immerses you in the equine world and allows you to learn a great deal about horse riding and how to take care of equines in a short space of time.

You’ll be assigned a horse for the duration of camp (usually one week) and become comfortable around him very quickly.

Check out for a comprehensive list of available locations.

Take Lessons at a Riding School 

For most beginners of horse riding, how to find the right barn, how many lessons to take and what type of lesson is a real challenge. Use these links to find information on choosing an appropriate riding school and lesson plan.

Most riding establishments want you to take a ‘semester’ of lessons, which is usually ten weeks of group instruction. Your other options are private lessons and semi-private lessons.

Learn on a Private Horse

If you have a friend who’s a competent rider and owns a suitable horse, ask her if she is willing to help you start to ride with her help.

Invest in a helpful horse riding book, such as my ebook Horse Riding Lessons: Teaching Yourself to Ride, and learn the basics of riding without investing in expensive lesson plans. If you want to continue, and especially if you want to take part in horse shows, take some private lessons to refine your riding techniques.

Horseback riding is a wonderful sport and opens up a whole new world of adventure and fun. Choose an option and get started!