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Are You Stuck in a Riding Rut?

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At various points during the learning process with horses, lessons may get a bit stale and you’ll not feel you’re getting anywhere with your riding.

Defining ‘Stale’

You possibly set out with the aim of entering a small show jumping competition, and after a year of riding your goal is still a long way off. Or you want to compete at more than just Introductory Level in dressage, but you’re not learning any new movements.

Somehow you’re at an impasse. The lessons are going fine, but you’re not progressing. You’re stuck in a riding rut so to speak.

Why Does This Happen?

You may feel that if you’re paying for lessons your instructor should be able to read your mind and automatically know about your riding dreams!

Your instructor, on the other hand, feels an obligation to ensure that you learn every lesson thoroughly. He won’t be aware that you’d like things to move along a bit faster.

How to Come ‘Unstuck’

1. The first thing you should do is tell your instructor how you’re feeling. Don’t worry about offending her: a good trainer will be pleased that you take your lessons seriously.

Once your goals are out in the open, you and your trainer can begin to work on them. Make a plan together which includes a date for achieving your dream, and outlines the steps for getting there.

 2. Ride different horses in your lessons, to test how solid your aids are. This will highlight any problems very quickly!

3. Go on a riding clinic. These are essentially a private 45 minute lesson each day with a professional rider. (You’ll need to take a horse.) New eyes watching you ride will spot areas for improvement.

As well as riding, you watch others and learn from their sessions. People pay just to observe clinics, because there’s so much to be gained even as a spectator. Ask your instructor if she’s interested in attending, too.

Don’t get frustrated if you’re stuck in a riding rut – get pro-active and keep the fun going with horses and your lessons!