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3 Important Steps to Finding the Right Horse

You’ve done your homework - read books on horseback riding and checked our article “The Color of a Safe Horse” for advice on the kind of horse you should be looking for. Now what do you do?

Step 1: List Desirable Qualities

Compile a list of what you need in a horse, and prioritize it. You’re unlikely to find the absolute ideal equine: so decide where to reasonably compromise, (such as if the horse is older than you’d like) before you fall in love with the wrong horse and make excuses to justify buying him.

Step 2: Find Horses for Sale

The options for finding horses are numerous, some better than others. If you’re taking horse riding classes, ask your instructor and other riders at the barn if they know of a suitable horse. Maybe the horse you’re riding in your lessons is for sale. If you feel comfortable with him, ask if he is.

The internet is an amazing tool when searching for available horses. Find some in your general geographical area to avoid disappointment after long hours of travel to far-reaching destinations. Start with private sellers, as a dealer will want more money than a private person.

If you post a wanted ad in a local horse magazine or ezine, be prepared to trawl through a lot of unsuitable candidates before you find some hopefuls.

Step 3: Make a Short List

You’ve drawn up your list of desirable qualities for a reason, so stick to it.

Even when you’ve focused on the correct qualities, you’ll often find that the description of a horse was misleading. So don’t waste your time and the seller’s by visiting an animal whose details clearly tell right you right from the beginning that he’s the wrong horse.

Be ruthless in your culling process. Don’t dash off and try any old horse because you become frustrated with looking and think you’ll never find the right one. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but believe me, you will!

You don’t want to rush into horse ownership: a bad horse is just as expensive to keep as a good one, not nearly as much fun to own and tough to get rid of.

Read plenty of books on horseback riding and keep up with your lessons to become an ever better rider. As a result you’ll be a more experienced horse person when you do try out the right horse.

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