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Turn Your Horse Riding Books Into Riding Instructors

Imagine going to your first riding lesson, feeling confident because you know exactly what to expect. You already know the principles of mounting a horse, asking him to walk on, turning him and bringing him to a halt.

And yet, you’ve never been on a horse! Reading horse riding books can prepare your for your first horseback ride, far away from an actual equine.

Introducing Your First Riding Teacher

If lessons are too expensive for you right now, or you can’t afford many of them, a good horse riding book for teaching you the basics is Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride, a downloadable ebook. It caters to beginner riders who want to learn how to ride properly, and guides them step-by-step through a series of carefully structured lessons, with photos to illustrate each point. The book also comes with a comprehensive, 40 minute riding video.

A Supplement to ‘Live’ Lessons

If you decide to take lessons, this excellent book on horseback riding for beginners will reinforce what you learn. With illustrations to accompany the explanation on how to ride, the book will serve as a reference after your lessons. There may be some things you didn’t understand during your riding lesson which you can read about later at home. Or your instructor may have missed some detail which you’ll find in the book to help you ride better at your next lesson.

Beyond Riding

Look for a book explaining how to groom and saddle a horse in addition to riding him. It’s important to know how to correctly prepare your horse for mounting, and many riding barns expect their students to tack up their horses. This time is included in the hour you pay for.

If you’ve learned how to groom and saddle your horse before your first lesson, you’ll be ahead of the other riding students in your group and already on your horse!

Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride explains the correct way to groom your horse, the implements you need, and how to saddle and bridle him. The accompanying video shows grooming and saddling in detail.

You’ll arrive at the riding barn for your first lesson already armed with the information you need to prepare your horse, mount him and begin riding.

Reading books on horse riding gives you an important edge. You’ll understand the sport and feel more confident around horses than other beginners because you’ll appreciate how to handle these beautiful animals.

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