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3 Benefits of Joining a Riding Club

As someone who has traveled a great deal, I can attest to the fact that one of the greatest things about riding is the friends I’ve made wherever I’ve lived. All because of my passion for horses.

If you love horse riding, how to find other riders when you start out can be a problem unless you know where to look. Consider joining a riding club.

For those of you already taking horse riding lessons for beginners at a barn, chances are management have formed their own riding club. If not, go to your local tack shop. Ask the staff about any clubs in your area and the names of the local horse magazines. Local riding associations will advertise their upcoming activities in them.

Your horse life becomes more fun when you join a club, and here are some major benefits.

Benefit #1: Like-Minded Friends

You will be surprised at the variety of people you find in the club environment. Riders come from all walks of life.

Not only can you share your horse obsession with them: you’ll find yourself going out to dinner, visiting each other’s homes, and even going on horse vacations with them.

Most of my life-long friendships have been formed through my membership of local horse associations.

Benefit #2: Expand Your Riding Horizons

Because members’ interests are so diverse, you’ll find yourself joining in a wide range of equestrian activities.

Typical club events include picnic rides, riding clinics, lectures on horse management, fun rides and in-house, low-key horse shows as well as outings to horse expositions and international horse shows.

You’ll learn more about horses than you ever thought possible, while having a great time among friends.

Benefit #3: A Support Group

Especially when you’re a beginner, there are lots of questions you have about horse riding. How to make your horse more supple, what to do if he won’t strike off into canter, why he moves well on the left rein but not the right, etc.

In the relaxed atmosphere of a riding club you can ask members for advice, knowing they’ll be willing to help you. Every rider began where you are now, and needed assistance from more experienced horse people.

Riding horses is more enjoyable when shared. A riding club is the perfect place to meet interesting people who are as horse mad as you, and will encourage you to get the most out of your horse.

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