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Two Ways a Horse Riding Video Can Improve Your Skills

The visual aid of a horse riding video can be invaluable when you learn to ride a horse. You can watch it as often as you like and it’s a useful complement to your riding lessons and solo practice.

Here are two excellent ways to benefit from seeing riders on screen.

Watch the Experts at Work

Observing professional riders is of immense help to amateurs. It spurs them on to greater effort, and they retain the correct execution of movements in their subconscious minds.

When you watch videos of experts riding at the highest levels, be inspired by their performances but be modest in your expectations of your own riding.

Remember, those professionals didn’t become skilled riders overnight: it took years of hard work. Don’t get frustrated because you’re not nearly as good as they are yet.

Watch good riders performing the movements you’re currently working on. You can copy and learn from them, and that’s how you’ll improve. An example of a helpful video is the one which comes with my ebook Horseriding Lessons: Teaching Yourself to Ride. As well as reading the book and seeing illustrative photos, you can see how to perform the riding movements on video.

Watch Yourself at Work!

There will be times during your riding lessons when your instructor tells you to do something, and you say “I am doing it!” to which the reply will be “No, you’re not.”

Typical examples of this are sitting correctly and keeping your hands still. Although it sounds easy to do, it’s hard to know when you’re sitting upright and not leaning forwards or backwards in the saddle. It’s also difficult to keep your hands quietly in place, especially when the horse is trotting or cantering.

In both these instances beginner riders tend to think they’re riding correctly when they often aren’t.

You can either have your instructor repeat the same thing over and over again, or try this solution. Have a friend (or your instructor) take a video of you riding.

Watch yourself on screen, and you’ll immediately see what your trainer is talking about and adjust accordingly.

It’s a good idea to make a horse riding video of yourself at regular intervals, so you can chart your progress. On those ‘down’ days - when you feel you’ve not improved at all - just take a look at those early videos of yourself: you’ll soon feel better when you see how far you’ve actually come!

Add riding videos of professionals and yourself to your library of horse information, and you’ll have powerful tools to improve your riding dramatically.

3 Ways A Horse Riding Video Can Solve Your Riding Problems

Posted on 2010-07-20

All of us have periods during our horseback training when we seem to get stuck in what I call ‘rider’s block.’ We don’t know why it happened, but we know when we’re in one! We can’t learn that new movement – be it as simple as going into trot or moving from inside flexion to shoulder- in.

This is when a horse riding video becomes a valuable tool for helping you get beyond that sticking point.

There are three ways to use a horse riding video to your advantage.

1. Home Video

Have a friend or your instructor take a video of you riding, with footage of you trying to perform than elusive movement. But don’t just record the part that doesn’t work: tape the whole session.

This will enable you to see whether any bad habits have crept into your general style. Are you balanced in the saddle? Do either of your heels come up, making your legs go back and causing you to lean forwards? Or do you lean too far back with your legs pushed forwards?

If any riding issues are not immediately obvious to you, take the next step and replay your home horse riding video afterwards.

2. Watch the Professionals Ride

It’s never too early to invest in training videos by riding professionals.

If you’re a beginner, consider the ebook Horse Riding Lessons: Teaching Yourself to Ride. It comes with an easy-to-follow horse riding video which demonstrates the basics of riding in a relaxed manner.

For those of you who are ready to advance to higher levels of dressage, you’ll find training videos online. A good horse riding video to watch is On the Levels produced by the United States Dressage Federation ( with a judge’s commentary giving you excellent insight into what’s expected when you advance through the levels.

Watch the rider’s overall style in your chosen video. See how supple the horse is and how easy he finds the movements as a result. Observe the quietness of the rider’s aids and how effective they are. These are things to aim for when you ride.

Now look specifically at how the rider asks the horse for your ‘tricky’ movement. Play that part over and over, to better understand how the rider applies the aids for it.

3. Compare the Two

After watching the professional’s video a few times, play the video of yourself. Take note of how the way you ride differs from the more advanced rider’s application of the aids.

This will show where you can improve your riding. Jot the differences down on a piece of paper before you forget what they are, then go back to the professional video and reinforce the correct way of doing things.

When you get back on your horse, apply what you’ve learned. You’ll discover that the visual aid of horse riding videos help you work through your main issues. Not only will you have put your ‘rider’s block’ behind you, but you’ll find that your overall riding has improved.

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How a Horse Riding Video Can Help You Learn to Ride

Posted on 2010-06-03

A horse riding video is a useful component of equestrian instruction and an interesting way to learn good horsemanship.

Visual Versus Written

A book will furnish the essential details about riding, but it can be difficult to focus on new concepts with just the written word. We often have to read the same paragraph over and over again to absorb the information.

Photo illustrations help the reader to better grasp unfamiliar techniques, but by far the best medium for showing the beginner how to ride is a good video. It’s much easier to learn by watching than simply by reading an illustrated book.

Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride is a new ebook which uses the written word with photo illustrations and an accompanying horse riding video to make learning to ride easy and enjoyable.

Setting the Example

The book itself is laid out in six easy-to-follow riding lessons. The video uses the lesson pattern in the book, with the same horse you see in the photo illustrations.

A commentator explains what the rider is doing and how you can do it. You see how the instructions in the ebook are applied in practice and that they work.

Safety First

Emphasis on safety is consistent in both the ebook and the video. There are tips throughout to help keep the beginner rider safe while on the ground and in the saddle.

Good equestrian practice is taught at all times. When the reader applies the techniques explained in the ebook and shown in the video, he or she will have learned the correct way to groom, saddle, ride and unsaddle a horse.

Humane Methods

The video illustrates that the best way is to ride a horse with consideration at all times. This makes your horse happy, and a happy horse is a joy to ride.

Try Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride and discover how much easier it is to learn riding with a video!

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How a Horse Riding Video Can Improve Your Performance

Posted on 2010-04-24

It’s always easier to understand how to do something if someone shows it to you as well as explaining it. The more unfamiliar the movement, the more helpful that visual aid becomes.

Picture Power

Watching a good horse riding video will greatly enhance your experience of learning to ride. It will not only show you the correct way to ride but also reinforce it in your mind.

Sports psychologists say that if you picture yourself performing a particular movement perfectly, over and over again, your brain will believe that you’ve actually done it and you’ll improve in real life.

The brain is therefore a powerful instrument which you can use to help you during those times when you don’t have access to a horse.

A Personal Story

At one time in my life I was so nervous about going to shows that although I was a good rider, my anxiety constantly sabotaged my chances of winning. Things became so bad that I eventually went to a hypnotist, after I’d read about the power of the mind in athletics.

Sure enough, after he’d taught me how to visualize myself winning at horse riding competitions, my performance improved beyond recognition and those blue ribbons started coming my way!

How to Use the Horse Riding Video

Watch a riding video several times and imagine yourself in the saddle, with the horse performing beautifully underneath you.

When you’re not in front of your computer or television screen, recapture those moments of perfect riding in your mind. You can do this, for example, when you’re in the car. (I learn a lot of my dressage tests this way, especially at long red lights!)

The ebook Horse Riding Lessons: Training Yourself to Ride comes with a great video which you can watch at your leisure to embed the correct riding techniques in your mind.

If you let riding videos condition your brain by absorbing the way to execute perfect riding movements, you’ll be amazed at the results!

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