Horseback Riding Beginners

The 7 Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Barn For Horseback Riding Beginners

Horseback riding beginners are in the most need of good instruction, but their rookie status means they least know where to find it.

Here’s an easy guide to help you in your search.

Step 1: Look for a Horse Riding Barn

Start by checking your local Yellow Book. Go online and perform a search for horseback riding stables which cater specifically to horseback beginning riders.

Tell riders you know that you want to learn how to ride a horse and ask who their trainer is. Ask the same question of competitors at local horse shows. They’ll be flattered you asked and happily share that information with you.

Step 2: Visit the Horse Riding Stables

Visit prospective riding barns in person and, if possible, take an experienced horse person with you. You will feel braver about asking questions with a friend to support you.

Step 3: Check out the Paddocks and Barn Building

Does the property look cared-for with enough grazing? Are there any broken fence boards or dangling wires round the paddocks? Are the water troughs full of clean water?

Is the barn building in good condition? Are the barn aisles swept clean and free of clutter?

Check the stalls are big enough for the horses to move around comfortably. Is their bedding clean and dry, with available clean water?

Step 4: Look at the Horses

Do the horses look well-fed, friendly and happy or are they thin and dejected?

Step 5: Examine Where You’ll Be Riding

Time to check out the riding facitilies.

A good barn will have both an outdoor and an indoor riding arena. This means lessons can continue in bad weather and in the evenings.

How large are the arenas? Are they well-groomed? Are there any big puddles or broken jumps littered around?

Step 6: Meet the Staff

Do the people you meet treat you with courtesy and friendly interest?

Watch a lesson. Is the instructor polite and easy to understand? Does each student receive enough individual attention? Do you see the riders improving? Would you feel comfortable taking lessons from that instructor?

Step 7: Meet Your Horse

Ask to be introduced to the horse you’ll be riding. Is he friendly? Do you feel safe around him? Is he a good size for you? Can you visualize riding him?

If you take the above steps you will increase your chances of learning to ride in a friendly, competent atmosphere.

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