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3 Compelling Reasons for Taking Lunge Lessons

When you first research horseback riding lessons online your thoughts may well be on hitting those trails as soon as possible!

But riding has to be learned gradually, and you need a secure seat before you can leave the safety of the arena. Consider taking some lessons on the lunge in addition to your regular riding routine.

When lungeing, the instructor stands in the middle of a twenty meter circle with a lunge (or longe line) in hand, the other end of which is attached to your horse. You learn how to walk, trot and canter on horseback while your trainer is in control.

Here are three huge benefits of taking lunge lessons for the beginner rider.


Sitting on a horse for the first time can be a little scary.

On the lunge, because you don’t worry about where the horse is going, you can relax and focus fully on performing whatever the instructor asks.

Independent Seat

When we first learn to ride, we tend to balance ourselves with the reins and pull on the horse’s mouth, causing him pain. (Imagine someone tugging on your mouth and you’ll get the idea!) After a while he becomes ‘hard-mouthed’ and self-preservation teaches him to ignore the rein aids.

A horse in side-reins on the lunge keeps his back and neck round, making it easier for the rider to sit on him. It’s also more comfortable for the horse, since he has the steady contact of the side-reins instead of the uneven pulling and releasing of the beginner rider.

The rider can concentrate on developing an ‘independent seat’ i.e. learning to ride without using the reins for support.


Riding on the lunge means you’re able to focus on sitting correctly, without worrying about steering the horse. You learn how to sit quietly in the middle of the horse, distributing your weight evenly on both seat bones.

You’ll discover how to use your seat and legs to slow down or increase the horse’s pace, and even halt. These are valuable lessons to learn right from the beginning, as they will mean quick progress once you ‘go solo.’

If you can’t afford lessons at a barn, good online horse riding lessons teach you the basics of riding. But try to supplement them with work on the lunge to develop a safe and secure seat.

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