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Where Should You Keep Your Horse?

A big question when buying a horse is where he’s going to live. The main options are keeping him at home or boarding him at a barn.

If you are new to riding horses, lessons will be important to you, and access to good training becomes significant in your final decision.

Here are four factors to consider:


A horse needs access to adequate shelter, grazing and water. You require enough acreage so he doesn’t eat all your grass within the first week and turn your paddock into a permanent mud patch. Your horse won’t enjoy being alone, either.

If you keep him at a boarding barn, he’ll be turned out daily in a large grass paddock with other horses for company.

For beginners horse riding alone is a lot to deal with. With the boarding barn staff taking care of your horse, you can concentrate on becoming a better rider. This allows you to learn about horse management in your own time rather than experiencing an uncomfortable ‘crash course.’


A boarding barn will have good riding facilities, including a sand arena. Many people who keep their horses at home have to ride in the same field that the horse grazes in. It’s difficult to persuade a horse to settle down to work in the same paddock he ‘plays’ in. A completely separate riding arena is preferable.

A boarding barn will often have an indoor school. This means being able to ride whatever the weather, which is a huge bonus.

Additionally, it’s hard to find a farrier willing to come and shoe only one horse, and he won’t come at all if you have no flat, dry ground with protection from bad weather. At a boarding barn you can add your horse to those already being shod by the local blacksmith.


A boarding barn usually has a riding instructor who visits regularly. Where there are more horses, lessons are easier to organize, because it’s worthwhile for a trainer to come frequently for a group of riders.

Companionship and Advice

At the barn you’ll always have experienced horse people at hand to ask for advice and help when you run into problems with your horse. Spending time with like-minded people means you’ll make a lot of great friends, as well.

Keeping a horse at home is not a good idea for the beginner rider. Wait until you’ve gained experience with your horse and learned good stable management with the help and example of other boarders before you take that big step.

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